"A very serious and, indeed, extraordinary book" - Dr. Andrew Bostom

In HONOR KILLING, Daniel Akbari, a real Muslim scholar, reveals for the first time that the root cause of honor killing is not culture but three components of Sharia law. Sharia - the rules for how to practice Islam - provides the motive and dictates the modus operandi for honor killing.

Key Features:

- written by a real, qualified Islamic mujtahid

​- shows meticulously how honor killing flows from the authentic Islamic sources

​- explains the relation between jihad and honor killing

- explains why many Muslim spokespeople deny honor killing comes from Islam

- explains the maqasid al-sharia - the ultimate goal of Islam - and the reason Islam appears to have no moral rules except whatever is good for Islam is moral

- explains the true nature and effect of "Islamic culture"

​- explains which Muslims pose the greatest risk of honor killing, and why

- explains the sharia rules for women's dress and conduct

- explains the legal elements of ghayra and its central importance in the religion of Islam

- explains the steps up to and through the use of deadly force in amr bil ma'ruf, Sharia's right of private enforcement

- explains why honor killings are usually overly brutal

- analyzes real world cases of honor killing

- contains a Worksheet to Recognize Ghayra Violence to help professionals who interact with Muslim women and girls recognize when they are in danger and help cops, lawyers, and judges know when an honor killing or ghayra violence has occurred.

- and Much, Much More!


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​​​​​​If you are a teacher, counsellor, shelter worker, nurse, doctor, cop or prosecutor a Muslim woman or girl's life may depend on your personal knowledge of what causes honor killing. This book can help you.









HONOR KILLING will also help you understand the headlines:

Pinned: Does Islam Command Believers to Hate Non-Believers?- Yes, according to the doctrines of Tawalla and Tabarra, which, like jihad, are pillars of Islam revealed after Muhammad immigrated to Medina. Tawalla is an Arabic noun that means support, help, or protection. Koran 49:10 tells Muslims, "it is certain the believers are the brothers (supporters, helpers, or protectors) of one another." The implication is that nominal Muslims are not truly brothers of believing Muslims. This is the ayat from which the Muslim Brotherhood takes its name. Tawalla - helping and protecting faithful Muslims - is the ideological foundation and raison d'être for the organization. By contrast, Tabarra prohibits good Muslims from providing or accepting support, help, or protection from non-Muslims. The concept of Tabarra - rejecting fellowship with non-Muslims - can be seen in the very name of Koran's final and most violent surah, surah Nine. In the Arabic, this surah's name is Al-Taubah or Bara'ah. Literally, Al-Taubah means "the turning away." Ayats 1 through 4 of this surah make it clear that Allah is turning away from the disbelievers. Tabarra can also be seen clearly in surah 48:29, which might be called Islam's "golden rule." It commands those who follow Muhammad to be "severe against the disbelievers, and merciful among themselves." It can also be seen in surah 60:4, where Koran records Abraham told his people "enmity and hate shall reign between us until you believe in Allah only." Together, Tawalla and Tabarra may be referred to as the Doctrine of Brotherhood and Hatred, or, as Ray Ibrahim has expressed it, the Doctrine of Loyalty and Enmity. Tawalla and Tabarra are discussed thoroughly in Chapter 10 of HONOR KILLING. 

Ohio: Muslim Migrant Kills Own Daughter - At WND.com, author Daniel Akbari explains honor killings happen because Muslim women violate the sharia rules for a woman's dress and conduct. Sharia gives the Muslim man the responsibility for enforcing these rules through a concept called ghayra, which is frequently mistranslated as honor. Sharia also gives the Muslim man a private right of enforcement called amr bil ma'ruf. These concepts are explained in depth in HONOR KILLING. The book reviews recent cases and contains a guideline for police, lawyers, and judges dealing with ghayra violence.

Australia: Iranian Wife Killed for Converting to Christianity, NOT an HONOR KILLING-  An Iranian man in Australia brutally stabbed his wife to death. She had converted to Christianity, which made her an apostate under sharia, the rules for how to practice Islam. Murder of an apostate is not an honor killing, as explained in Chapter 5 of HONOR KILLING:  Apostates, the third class of external wrongdoers, are subject to surah 5:54. Like the hypocrites, apostates may physically appear to be inside Islam, but the intent of their hearts is outside Islam, so they deserve death by jihad. Surah 5:54 says Allah will bring jihadis to fight those who become apostate by rejecting Islam. Hypocrites and apostates are subject to the Law of Ridda, the law of apostasy. 

Video: Doctor Examines Evidence, Concludes Hillary Clinton has Parkinson's - Dr. Tom Noel, a physician with over 30 years experience, examines evidence from the last 11 years of Hillary's health problems to conclude she has Parkinson's Disease, a severe and degenerative neurological disorder. The most comprehensive video is at WND, scroll down to the video from VidZette.com. After Hillary's 9/11 collapse, Dr. Noel released a video with dramatic footage showing how Hillary's blue sunglasses work to reduce Parkinson's symptoms. 

Khizr Khan Exposed: Sharia Law IS ABOVE the Constitution - Investigative Reporter Paul Sperry has ripped the sheep's clothing off Khizr Khan showing him to be, not a grieving lover of freedom, but just another Islamic supremacist. Before he was a western lawyer, Khan was a sharia lawyer. Because the moral rules of sharia are absolutely incompatible with the Judeo-Christian moral rules on which Western Civilization is based they cannot coexist, one or the other must be supreme. Because rights come from moral rules - like don't murder, right to life, don't steal, right to property - sharia does not create the human rights that we recognize in the West. Sharia commands non-Muslims be killed and their wives, daughters, and property be stolen as "booty" for Muslims. HONOR KILLING explains this in detail.

But in 1983, three years after coming to the U.S., Khan wrote a book review praising  a pro-jihad Islamic jurist who was an adviser to the founder of the Taliban. Khan is in favor of stoning women for adultery, cutting off the hands of thiefs, and crucifying those who criticize Muahammad, all things commanded in sharia. Wow. Also in 1983, Khan wrote a paper on Islamic law in which he recognizes sharia law can never be changed and must always be superior to all other laws. That's because true Muslims believe sharia comes from their god. The only difference between Khan and the jihadis that killed his son is he is a slow jihadist. Like the Muslim Brothers, he has invaded the West and is making Islam superior as Muslims become the majority.

Khizr Khan Tied Legally & Financially to Saudi Arabia and Muslim Immigration - Chapter 5 of HONOR KILLING, entitled "What about my Muslim neighbors?" explains that there are 4 reasons why Muslim may not appear to be interested in using violence to spread Islam:

1. They don't know all that Islam teaches

2. They can make jihad using non-violent means

3. They are following Muhammad's example of delaying jihad until Islam gains adherents while deceiving non-Muslims about what Islam requires, and

4. Making jihad is against human nature, as even the Koran itself acknowledges.

Breitbart has revealed that Khizr Khan worked for Saudi Arabia's U.S. law firm from 2000 to 2007. Saudi Arabia has given between $10 and $25 million to the Clinton Foundation, which Donald Trump called on Hillary to return. After that, Khan opened his own law firm serving Muslims seeking to buy visas and green cards to enter the U.S. under programs that are "riddled with flaws and corruption." When Khan was exposed, he shut down the immigration firm's website.

Khizr Khan's son was killed by jihadis in Iraq. The question Khan's activities raise is whether he would rather his son was killed over there or right here at home. 

The Democrats' Biggest Lie  - The Democrats claim you can judge a religion by the words or deeds of a single person who claims to adhere to that religion. This is illogical for many reasons - the person might not know what the religion actually teaches, or he might consciously choose not to follow what his religion commands, or he may be lying. The only way to judge a religion is to examine its authoritative scriptures to see what the religion actually teaches. For example, as Chapter 3 of HONOR KILLING explains, Islam has a goal stated in 2:193 of Koran: "Fight until the religion of Allah reigns supreme." Did Khizr Kahn's son die for this goal when he was killed by Islamic believers? Speaking of jihad, it is the means commanded by Koran to achieve the goal of Islam. Koran 2:216 says, "Fighting has been ordained for you..." The jihad program for Jews and Christians is stated in Koran 9:29, "Kill those who believe not in Allah, nor in the Last Day, nor forbid that which has been forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, and do not believe in the religion of truth from the People of the Book (jews and Christians) until they pay the jizya on their hand with humiliation." The jihad program for everybody else is commanded in Koran 9:73: "O Prophet, make jihad against the unbelievers and the hypocrites, and be harsh against them, their dwelling is Hell, a miserable destination." Did Khizr Kahn's son die for these ideas? If not, then maybe it makes sense to judge Islam by what its scriptures teach, and to stop the immigration of people who believe what Islam teaches. Maybe it is time to test the lie that Islam is peaceful by what Islam actually commands.

Welsh Woman Imprisoned by Father in Saudi Arabia for "Kissing a Guy"- Amina Al-Jeffery is a 21 year-old dual UK and Saudi citizen. Four years ago her father, Mohammad, dragged her back to Saudi and imprisoned her in her room, cutting off even access to telephone and internet. Amina finally managed to contact a lawyer and is asking the English courts to intervene. In Islam, women are under the complete control of their "wali" - guardian - their father before marriage and their husband after marriage. They are forbidden from leaving the home or having visitors without the wali's permission. Since they can't have physical visitors, they cannot have electronic visitors either, hence the prohibition on phone and internet. In this case, Amina evidently kissed a guy which inflamed her father's ghayra. Ghayra is the Muslim man's sense of jealousy for his control over the private parts of his namoos - his female family members. For a detailed discussion of these and other Sharia restrictions on women see Chapter 8 of HONOR KILLING.

Orlando Shooting is JIHAD tinged with ISLAMIC GHAYRA VIOLENCE - HONOR KILLING a MUST READ to Understand It - As a concept of Islamic law, ghayra has three elements: 1) control by the Muslim male 2) over his "namoos" 3 to preserve Islamic concepts of morality. "Namoos" is the private parts - sexual organs - of the male's family members. Usually namoos applies to females, but homosexual sex also violates the Muslim male's ghayra. In practice, the concept of ghayra can expand beyond even the extended family and cause the male to feel a need to stop violations of Islamic morality in the community in general. The concept of amr bil ma'ruf - enjoining good and forbidding evil - gives Muslims a private right of enforcement to stop sharia violations. The authoritative Islamic sources - Koran, hadith, and the ijma (consensus) of scholars embodied in sharia law - absolutely forbid homosexuality, yet at the same time Koran says the believers in paradise will be served by boys of "everlasting youth" like pearls. This has led to an ambivalence in the umma - being the one who is penetrated will outrage the ghayra of Muslim men,, but being the one who penetrates will not necessarily violate ghayra. Against this background stands jihad, which orthodox Islamic legal schools unanimously recognize as fighting against non-Muslims to achieve the goal of Islam, making the religion of Islam reign supreme. There is much more in the book, see Chapters 3, 4, 5, 7, 8 & 9 of HONOR KILLING.