"A very serious and, indeed, extraordinary book" - Dr. Andrew Bostom

In HONOR KILLING, Daniel Akbari, a real Muslim scholar reveals for the first time that the root cause of honor killing is not culture but three components of Sharia law. Sharia - the rules for how to practice Islam - provides the motive and dictates the modus operandi for honor killing.

Key Features:

- written by a real, qualified Islamic mujtahid

​- shows meticulously how honor killing flows from the authentic Islamic sources

​- explains the relation between jihad and honor killing

- explains why many Muslim spokespeople deny honor killing comes from Islam

- explains the maqasid al-sharia - the ultimate goal of Islam - and the reason Islam appears to have no moral rules except whatever is good for Islam is moral

- explains the true nature and effect of "Islamic culture"

​- explains which Muslims pose the greatest risk of honor killing, and why

- explains the sharia rules for women's dress and conduct

- explains the legal elements of ghayra and its central importance in the religion of Islam

- explains the steps up to and through the use of deadly force in amr bil ma'ruf, Sharia's right of private enforcement

- explains why honor killings are usually overly brutal

- analyzes real world cases of honor killing

- contains a Worksheet to Recognize Ghayra Violence to help professionals who interact with Muslim women and girls recognize when they are in danger and help cops, lawyers, and judges know when an honor killing or ghayra violence has occurred.

- and Much, Much More!


Official site of the book HONOR KILLING:  A Professional's Guide to Sexual Relations and Ghayra Violence from the Islamic Sources


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